Ultra Moisturizing
Rose and Frankincense Blend
Featuring Organic Coconut and Argan Oil
Your Skin Deserves
the Best Nature Can Provide
Give yourself a luxurious and loving experience with Luna wipes. A Sensual Essential Oil blend based in Organic Coconut Oil and Argan Oil featuring Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang. Designed to be ultra moisturizing, offering a sophisticated, grounding yet soft scent while being incredibly nourishing to the skin. Being a dry wipe, Luna Wipes have no chemical preservatives, just natural botanicals giving a cleansing experience like no other wet wipe can deliver.

Luna Wipes - 35 Count Pak

Ingredients - Bulgarian Rose Absolute, **Copiaba, *Frankincense, *Ylang Ylang and *Rose Geranium in a base of Organic *Fractionated Coconut Oil
and *Argan Oil.
(*certified organic **wildcrafted)

Luna Wipes Eco Pak - 35 Count

  • Natural - Free of chemicals
  • Only 7 botanical organic or wildcrafted ingredients
  • Ultra moisturizing without a greasy feel
  • High-end aesthetic scent and texture
  • 2 oz Bag - 4"x 6.6"
  • Safe for mucous membranes
  • Made out of renewable and natural bamboo
  • Biodegradable

3 Pak - Luna Wipe Travel Tube

3 Pak - Luna Wipes Travel Tubes
Great for travel and feeling fresh anywhere!
Put in a purse, first aid kit, backpack or in the car.

10 Wipes in a tube -
Each wipe weighs - 2.1 grams

Weighs - 1.1oz Length - 4 3/16"

Opens to a 8" x 10"
biodegradable bamboo wipe
Be Beautiful Naturally