Your Face is a Beautiful Savannah

Your Face is a Beautiful Savannah

October 24, 2016

Your Face is a Beautiful Savannah

It really is!  Our skin is home to billions of microbes that symbiotically maintain a healthy environment to thrive, and when our friendly little friends thrive, then our skin is healthy, has a vibrant glow and is resistant to oxidation and the breakdown of collagen which leads to premature wrinkles.
It’s a quid pro quo relationship with these little guys, and the contract is such that if we keep the environment of the epidermis optimal for their survival, they will keep our skin nourished and resistant to pathogenic microbes such as yeasts, molds and harmful species of staph bacteria.
We the Microbiota of Your Skin,
Ask for you not to indiscriminately kill us through the use of antimicrobial soaps and products containing alcohols and other harsh preservatives present in the majority of cleansers and moisturizers.  We also thrive in an acid rich environment and are hurt by alkaline products including common soap.  We also encourage you, our host, to eat a diet containing lots of polyphenol rich vegetables, olive oil and coconut oil, and to avoid excessive sugar, alcohol, wheat and other foods that hurt our cousins in your stomach and intestines.
Be a good environmentalist and take care of your little skin friends by using Essential Wipes for your daily skin care.  Why you may ask?
  1. No harsh chemicals, detergents or preservatives.
  2. Balanced pH.
  3. Essential Oil blend contains oleoresins, phospholipids and plant polyphenols that reduce oxidation and protect cell membranes of the skin.
  4. Won’t dry your skin out so you can reduce the amount of moisturizer you use.
Essential Wipes are also made from sustainable bamboo and are biodegradable and compostable in order to have a lower impact on our larger environment.

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Written by: Joshua Graner MS, LAc, Triloka Wellness