5 Tips To Feeling Naturally Fresh And Fantastic At Burning Man!

5 Tips To Feeling Naturally Fresh And Fantastic At Burning Man!

August 18, 2016



Burning Man is the ultimate adventure!  Anything and everything is possible.  With the notion to expect the unexpected, we have a few tips to help make your experience at the Burn this year a bit more fresh and fabulous, naturally.  The best part about our Playa tips is that they are not only natural but also affordable, and you can use them long after the dust settles!

 # 1. An Age-Old Wellness Secret - Apple Cider Vinegar!

The benefits of this life elixir are endless.  There are whole books on how to improve your health with this stuff, and that is why we would never leave home without it.  Out on the playa, it has a few very special applications you should take note of. 

ACV Clear Sinuses: Apple cider vinegar’s potassium content helps break up mucus in the body and clear the lymph nodes.  Since breaking up mucus is one of apple cider vinegar’s many talents, it also helps clear out the sinuses.  It is also antibacterial - it can aid in preventing a sinus infection as well. 

Sip some water with lemon and a capful of apple cider vinegar to breathe a little easier.  Not only will it clear your sinuses, but it will also help to prevent a hangover if you drink it right before bed!  WE PROMISE!  

The second amazing playa use of ACV is to cut through the playa dust on your skin.  Playa dust is hard to get off your skin due to its alkaline nature, but the acidity of ACV cuts right through.  The best part is that it will also leave your skin radiant and soft. 

ACV also helps balance your skin’s pH levels and removes bacteria that clog pores.  Dilute some apple cider vinegar with water and use it to hydrate.  Our next playa tip is to have the ultimate (and easy) facial every night before bed!

# 2 Playa Tip!  Essential Wipes - Better Than Baby Wipes 

Before now, every Burner’s tip for the playa was to bring baby wipes.  It is suggested to use baby wipes to clean EVERYTHING since showers are sparse out at the burn. 

Although we know baby wipes to be handy, Essential Wipes have taken it to the next level inconvenience, cleanliness, and aesthetics. 

First, Essential Wipes start out dry.  They are small tablets of compressed bamboo infused with essential oils.  Add an ounce of water, and they turn into an 8"x11” “wet wipe”. 

As you know, out in the desert, it’s dry dry dry and that is what happens with your baby wipes…they DRY DRY DRY out at Burning Man. 

It’s no fun when you are really looking forward to your wipe bath and darn, your whole pack of wipes is all dried out because the sticky seal got covered in playa dust.  BOO! 

Not Essential Wipes though, these small miracles will never dry out under the sun and will never dry your skin out either!  Since Essential Wipes start out dry, they are free of the preservatives and alcohol that are used to prevent mold and mildew in baby wipes.  

Here is the irony - the chemicals used so the baby wipes can be wet actually dry out your skin, so they aren't needed out at the Burn or really ever.  

Essential Wipes solve that problem
Next, the essential oils are radiantly refreshing.  It’s freaking hot out there!  There is nothing better, when you are about to wither from heat and fatigue, than a cold Essential Wipe.  

Use ice water to hydrate the wipe.  The cold refreshes, the essential oils brighten your senses, and you can clean the last 4 hours of sweat and grime away.  How could you complain?  

But wait, it gets better - the wipes smell good and feel good, but their oils are specially formulated to be naturally antibacterial, so germs and bugs are kept at bay while your skin gets nourished! 

Lastly, these wipes are awesome not just because they are so compact and yummy, but they are made of biodegradable bamboo.  Good for you and for the environment!  

Go grab our expedition pack and save big with our burner discount here!

(Side note… even though they biodegrade, please don't leave Essential Wipes in the porta potties...pack it in and pack it out!)  Essential Wipes are a must-have for Burning Man!


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# 3 Playa Tip - Sea Salt and Lemon - Hydrate

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to drink water.  But what if you feel like you have had 10 gallons of water and are still thirsty?  

Chances are you have sweat out all of your electrolytes dancing and riding your bike all around town, and you're not replacing them by just drinking water. What? 

Water depends on electrolytes for proper absorption.  In fact, if you’re drinking a lot of water but not getting enough electrolytes to compensate, your body can’t hold the water and so will actually stay dehydrated. 

So what do you do?  Bring a bunch of Gatorade?  No, just simply add a pinch of pink sea salt and lemon to your water.  Use a mineral-rich sea salt since these salts contain a great number of trace minerals, as opposed to table salt which can be thought of as a processed food.

# 4 Playa Tip - Activated Charcoal - Detox

We all know that many who go to Burning Man end up consuming some form of intoxicants to party and have fun.  Sometimes folks overdo it, and this is where activated charcoal comes in. 

Activated charcoal is helpful in detoxing the body because it quickly removes toxins that contribute to poisoning.  In mild cases, it is helpful in preventing a hangover and it can be used in the event of a mild accidental overdose.

Please note, if it’s a life-threatening situation, seek medical help.  What we are suggesting is to use activated charcoal to aid in a mild detox - if you got a little too out there, take some charcoal to come down.


In addition, activated charcoal can be used in cases of food poisoning when nausea and diarrhea are present.  Adults take 25 grams at the onset of symptoms or when food poisoning is suspected.  Increase dosage as necessary. 

Remember, it’s essential that adequate water is consumed when activated charcoal is taken.  LOTS of water!

Playa tip # 5 - Coconut Oil - Happy Skin, Nose, and Everything! 

To date, there are over 1,500 studies proving coconut oil to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet.  Coconut oil benefits and uses go beyond what most people realize. 

Research has finally uncovered the secrets to this amazing fruit - namely healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs).

And around 62% of the oils in coconut is made up of these 3 healthy fatty acids, and 91% of the fat in coconut oil is healthy saturated fat.

Unlike long-chain fatty acids (LCFAs) found in plant-based oils, MCFAs are:

  • Easier to digest

  • Not readily stored as fat

  • Antibacterial and antifungal

  • Smaller in size, allowing easier cell permeability for immediate energy

  (*ref draxe.com)

So… A big jar of organic coconut oil must come with you to the Burn.  Like all the other items mentioned, you can use coconut oil for multiple things, which makes it the most economical use of your money and space.

Obviously, you can use it to cook with and make yummy snacks, but we also suggest that you eat a big tablespoonful every day on its own out on the playa to keep your system strong and energized. 

The benefits, as mentioned above, are too many to list, but what makes coconut oil a must is that your skin and hair will eat it up too.  

Rub it all over your body, (super fun to do with a friend!), especially after too much sun, to nourish and hydrate your skin. You can also use a little in your nose (that’s right, up it goes), to keep your sinuses happy and clear.



 We hope you have a great time out at Burning Man and you can you these tips to maximize your fun and adventures.

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Photos by Hektervision.com

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